Collaged Government Artwork

History of The Art Collector

The Art Collector is a vertically integrated company: we own the art, design the art, print the art and install if needed.  Our prices are going to fit in your budget!

GSA Schedule

The Art Collector offers quality artwork at competitive prices.  Our GSA Schedule is set up in an easy to use way, making the purchasing process as easy as possible.

GSA Advantage Products

The Art Collector has extensive list of products and substrates for all your artwork needs, including  framed, canvas, plexiglass, metal, bamboo, wall covering, and led light boxes.

The Art Collector is a vertically integrated company

 The Art Collector provides unique art solutions that create incredible “First Impressions” and “Memorable Lasting Impressions.”

About Us

The Art Collector has been in business since 1970 and has been a GSA schedule holder for over 7 years. We began as an art gallery and art consulting firm. We were approached by a designer who could not find the art that she envisioned for her design. She told us that as the designer, she spends all of her time picking the style, furniture, fabrics, carpets, and when it comes to art, she can only find what is available in galleries or art consultants. For more than 44 years, we have been giving designers exactly what they ask for in terms of room and public space art through our unique design process.
  • Quality Craftmanship

    We use only the finest products made in the United States and guarantee all our work.

  • Easy to Work With

    With over 600,000 images and a full staff of graphic designers, The Art Collector is a one stop shop for all your art needs.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Being a vertically integrated company The Art Collector is able to oversee the project from creation to completion.

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